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Retreats & Workshops

Check out the upcoming workshops and events.

FeelQuest Retreat
Georgia 2023

May and October 2023

Are you looking for something different?

Are you going through a change in your life?
Maybe you just went through a break-off, lost someone close to you, or lost your job and need to find out what is next.

Did you move to a new place or phase in life?

Together, let's turn vast emptiness into a canvas of possibilities! Find out what is holding you back, and then return home to launch into the void!

Step into your future full of confidence, clarity, and with fresh energy.

Work with our team and a herd of 100 horses in Georgia to overcome all barriers and fences, feel carried and supported in your decision, stop procrastinating and return back home with the energy and confidence to launch and fill up your life! Launch the new YOU!

With a mix of Horse guided Empowerment® coaching sessions, meditations in nature, nature walks, and shared experiences - this trip will allow you to take the following steps in your career or life confidently.

Think horses, more horses, and vast plains... no fences, no borders...
A place where you can truly free your inner wisdom, and be 100% authentic, wild and genuine.

December Sessions


Friday 16th December 3pm to 5.30pm


A 3 hour workshop to:

  • identify your personal leadership style and learn how to use your strengths

  • understand how you are perceived by others

  • work on communication skills

  • improve assertiveness

  • gain self-confidence and have fun whilst learning!

No previous horse experience required.

Wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes​


Everyone is a leader - you are in charge of leading your life! Take the reins in your hand and enjoy it!


Location: At the EAPD - Dubai (Melia Desert Palm).


Saturday 17th December 3pm to 5.30pm


A calming session to reduce stress and tension.

A sunset workshop to release the stress and tension from 2022.


  • Benefit from the calming presence of the herd

  • leave the past behind with gratitude

  • focus on the present moment 

  • leave feeling self-confident and calm

A mix of horse guided empowerment coaching, the calming sounds of the hang drum, meditation and embodiment activities amongst the herd of therapy horses from EAPD.​


Location: At the EAPD - Dubai (Melia Desert Palm).

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