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Meet Mayú

Healing with Horses | Energy Healing | Meditation

My name is Maria, but you can call me Mayu.

I'm from Menorca - Spain and I have lived in Dubai (UAE) since 2014.

I'm a Marketing Director specializing in restaurants and wellness and I'm also the founder of Heal with Mayú and co-founder of Heal with Horses UAE.

My goal is to help individuals heal and grow through different holistic techniques including energy healing, mindfulness, and coaching and healing with horses.
I'm an advance meditator and in all my practices I help people initiate in this beautiful way inwards.

I also lead international wellness retreats with horses in unique locations around the world.

I'm determined to help others awake for a happier and healthier life through my experience and embracing alternative therapies and methods.



My story with horses started with a vision of me helping horses heal from emotional and physical trauma.

At that point, I didn't know if the same existed and, if it was possible. I started my research and started practicing till now when I find myself developing my own method.

With the urge of learning more about horses and their incredible ability to feel emotions, I got certified in healing and coaching with horses with a very unique method - MarzMethod. 

I currently hold coaching sessions for people in Dubai and Spain and I also run retreats worldwide!

To learn more about the retreats check 


My story with energy healing/reiki started at a very young age but it wasn't until I got very sick that it truly changed my life! 

In 2017 I suffered a brain injury that affected the sensitivity of half of my physical body.

At that moment I was living a busy city lifestyle working 24/7 and having a very stressful life. 

When I got sick I immediately realized that I had neglected my spiritual self, that I was disconnected from my emotions, and that my healing needed to be from deep within.

Reiki not only helped me to fully recover physically but also helped me to reconnect with my emotions and to be a better version of myself!

After recovery, my close friends started to ask me to do Reiki for them, which is how I started helping others.

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