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Healing & Coaching with Horses

Healing with horses and a very unique method - MarzMethod©

A Healing Journey with Horses

Horses provide a sense of inspiration, calm, and wonder in us.

Today, it is proven that the presence of horses has positive psychological effects on us. As sensitive prey animals, horses are acutely aware of their surroundings. In fact, horses can pick up on and connect with people faster than a human!

In this way, horses are able to mirror us and provide deep insight into our social, emotional, and cognitive states.


Guided by the horse´s innate sensitivity, I work with several, unrestrained horses in a big paddock at the EAPD Dubai. It is here and with help from the herd, that we initiate the process of personal growth, resolve traumatic stress, enhance team development and work out couple and family issues.


The connection with the true nature of the horse is essential for the success of the session as it opens new perspectives which lead to deep and lasting changes.

I work with individuals and groups guiding them through a journey of interaction with the horses to work on their deepest emotions, heal traumas, and overcome emotional obstacles.

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Individual sessions:

- Anxiety Management

- Stress Management

- Unwind your mind

- Facing your fears

- Entering a new phase in life

- Imposter syndrome discovery session

- Dealing with traumatic emotions: grief, abuse, accidents, break-ups...

- Reiki session with horses

- Meditation with horses

Group Sessions:

- Corporate team building 

- Leadership Training

- Yoga with horses

- Sound Healing with horses

- Couples: communication and bonding

- Family sessions

- Mother-Daughter / son session

Check out the monthly sessions organized by Heal with Horses in Dubai

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