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The magic starts in YOU.
Let me guide you through it.

Heal with Horses

Energy Healing


Wild Horses

Upcoming Events

  • Retreat in Spain - July 2024
    Retreat in Spain - July 2024
    Sun, 14 Jul
    14 Jul 2024, 12:00 – 19 Jul 2024, 16:00
    Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
    July 14th to 19th in Spain near Barcelona Welcome to our exclusive new FeelQuest Retreat nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Cataluña, Spain, where healing blends seamlessly with the wisdom and presence of horses and nature. This extraordinary experience offers a unique opportunity for a few

Meet Mayú

Heal with Horses | Energy Healing | Meditation

Hey there! Thank you for visiting my website.
You can call me Maria or Mayú.

If you are here is because you are looking to discover more about yourself and to connect with horses, energy, and your emotions.

My mission is to help you in that journey.

I empower people to be their best version through energy healing - Reiki, Healing with horses, vibrational and sound therapy and meditation.

I live by my own experience and that's why I believe in what I do.​

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What I Specialize On


Energy Healing

Coaching & Healing with Horses

Vibration & Sound Healing

Equine Reiki

The Journey Towards Health and Balanced Life Begins Today

Distant healing was great as it allowed me to witness as the energies began releasing and unblocking my energy in my own safe environment. 

- Birna Mayra

The analysis from my session was very accurate and since then I have felt even more positive, focused amd energetic

- Lamya

I always feel relieved, light and happy after my reiki sessions with her. She has a naturally calm aura which is contagious

- Sulakshana

Book Now

Start Your Healing Journey Today


If what you read until now resonates with you, let's start your healing journey now!

I can offer you a combination of different healing techniques:

- Energy healing.

- Coaching and Healing with horses

- Vibration and sound healing

- Meditation

Follow My Journey

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